Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Pay2Play FAQs! We are committed to ensuring that every player has a fun and positive experience with us. If you don’t see an answer to your question listed below, email us at and we will respond as soon as possible.


Pay2Play is a Decentralized Application (DApp) that provides gamers with a global, peer-to-peer and skill-based wagering platform. Gamers can create, accept and participate in wagers for their favorite games.

If you already love gaming, we allow you to start earning actual cryptocurrency while you play!

A Decentralized Application, or DApp, is an application that is built on top of a blockchain. For Pay2Play, we have built our DApp on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This allows our application to enjoy the benefits of the blockchain, such as decentralization and smart contracts, without building our own blockchain.

To utilize Pay2Play’s services, users will need a method to connect to the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, there are two options:

1. Download the Mist browser

2. Install the MetaMask plug-in for Google Chrome (recommended)

To install and use MetaMask, please see our tutorial. See tutorial

Blockchain is a new and exciting technology that has many features we find appealing. First, all transactions and wagers that are written to the blockchain are unchangeable. This tamper-proof transaction record ensures that no party can alter the outcome of already completed matches.

Second, the smart contracts that utilize the blockchain, and that form the base of Pay2Play, ensure that all transactions execute fairly and without failure. Once a wager is created and the funds are placed into the contract, users cannot refuse to pay if they lose.

Yes! Games of chance, such as your typical casino games, require licenses and oversight from a regulatory body. Games of skill, however, are not under such strict regulation. With games of skill, the player(s) have control over the outcome of the game.

Play tokens

PLAY tokens are the native currency of the Pay2Play environment. They are a utility token that users can receive and spend on useful items. Our marketplace will provide users the option to trade PLAY for in-game items. Users will also be able to use PLAY to view custom content provided by other users.

To obtain PLAY tokens, users currently have a few options:

1. Provide moderator services and receive PLAY when you settle a dispute 2. Allow other users to view your content and set a price in PLAY that they must pay 3. Use our referral program 4. Participate in a wager and lose (losing isn’t fun, but at least you get some PLAY!)

Glad you asked! Simply refer a friend to Pay2Play and once they create or accept their first wager you will be rewarded with PLAY tokens! Get your personalized referral code here

Currently, PLAY cannot be traded for fiat currencies. In the future, once PLAY is exchange listed, you will be able to trade between the currency pair supported by the exchange.

Today they are not. Tomorrow we hope they will be. Our intent is for PLAY to be a utility token that gamers use in our environment and not a speculative token. We understand though that some players might want to sell or buy PLAY for personal reasons. To ensure players have the most options, we will work on listing PLAY on reputable exchanges.

We agree, ICO’s do sound cool! As of now, we aren’t considering an ICO. It’s just our preference. Don’t despair though! Sign up to our newsletter sign up and if we do decide to pursue an ICO, you will be one of the first to know.


Initially, the moderator team will consist of Pay2Play team members. This is just in the beginning stages of the platform. As our community grows, all members will be allowed to be moderators. In fact, we want everyone to be a moderator!

Once the functionality is rolled out, you bet you can be a moderator! You will have the opportunity to settle disputes between other players and earn PLAY tokens as compensation.

Moderators will earn PLAY tokens upon settling a dispute. In a normal, non-moderator required match, the loser would receive 2.5% of the pot as PLAY tokens. When a moderator is requested, they will then receive the 2.5% in PLAY tokens and the loser will walk away empty handed.

We know that when money is on the line, some people might decide to act less than honest. To prevent moderators from being presented with bribes or harassed later, we keep their identity anonymous. When settling a dispute, moderators will only be referred to as “Moderator” in communication with the players and their real user name will be kept secret.

In addition, moderators will be selected at random and as needed from the pool of available moderators. That’s why we encourage all players to register as moderators. The larger the pool to select from, the more random the selection will become.


If your opponent has created a wager, they will have the option to send you a customized link. Simply click the link, select “Counter Wager”, authorize the funding of the smart contract and you are all done!

Wagers are funded in two steps. First, the creator will place their funds into the smart contract when setting up the wager. Second, upon accepting the wager, the opponent will deposit the required funds.

Now both parties have committed to the wager and the funds can only be withdrawn once a winner is selected.

Once the match is over, both players will return to the Pay2Play platform and select the winner from a drop down. We hope that everyone can be honest and select the correct winner.

However, if a dispute arises we have a moderator request feature in place to help decide the winner.

Be warned, if you are the losing player and a moderator is necessary you will not receive any PLAY tokens!

Users will fund their wagers with Ether (ETH), the native token of the Ethereum blockchain.

At this time, you can select your game, the amount wagered and your opponent. In the future we will add additional features to improve the user experience.

If you have an awesome idea for some customization or feel that we missed something big, please send us an email at

All winnings can be withdrawn within 24 hours of a match closing. However, users may experience occasional delays in withdraws due to congestion in the blockchain. Unfortunately, this is something we are unable to control.


Pay2Play never actually holds funds for users. To contribute your funds to a wager, you must send the necessary amount to the smart contract from your existing Ethereum wallet.

Once the funds are received in the smart contract, no one, not even Pay2Play, can access them. Only the winner will receive the payout from the contract.

Pay2Play utilizes smart contracts in all of our wagers. When a player creates a wager, they will automatically fund it with the necessary amount. Similarly, when a player accepts a wager, the will also automatically deposit the necessary amount.

Think of the smart contract as an escrow account. The funds are safely held in an account that cannot be reversed by either player. Once the winner has been decided, they will receive the pot, less the admin fee.

The wager cannot start until both parties have contributed the necessary funds. This prevents a sore loser from deciding not to pay up!


So many games, so little time! If we happened to miss adding your favorite game to our selection, just send us a note at and we will do our best to add it in quickly.

We are excited that you want to work with us! Send us a note at and give a brief outline of what you have in mind. Don’t send anything too specific or proprietary just yet! We will review your comments and respond ASAP!